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If this winter did a number of jour skin, forget everything you think you should be doing to fix it. Because according to “The beauty of dirty skin” most of us are doing it all wrong. Can you believe that? Please welcome author and dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. Thank you for having me. I’ve been asking you ton of questions backstage. I apologize in advance. This was recently a hot topic that didn’t make it on to set. We were discussing it in the room. Parentally you do not have to shower every single day only twice a week. Joy Behar, in particular, was grossed out. Gross. Disgusting. Is that true? So I ain’t giving up my daily shower or asking my patients to either. My reader. America is redefining clean. Now we realize that clean skin has trillions of microscopic bacteria all over it. Careen skin does. We were raised with the germ theory. To thing, all bacteria, all germs are bad. They cause infection. We need to sanitize our environment and skin many the name of health. Mow the new studiers like the one you spoke about, are coming out showing the vast majority of bacteria on our skin in our guts, not only are they not hurting us, they’re critical to keeping our skin healthy and youthful. If you’re not going take a shower every day, get yourself a bidet. You with watch the search parts. Do the pits, do the groin. Call it a day. Throw out the buff puff. The anti-bacterial soap. It’s killing off the good bugs. Someone at the table. I don’t want to mention names, but Hur initials are sunny Hostin, wears makeup to bed. Is that allowed? Why do you do that? I want to look a certain way. A little undereye. A dust of powder. Two rules when it comes to makeup. Never go sleep with makeup. And never share your makeup. Oh, yeah. Never share. Never share. The story about a woman ho sued the beauty store. I won’t say the name, because she got herpes from cruising one of those lipstick things. Sure did. Is there that’s a true story? Yes. I don’t think she has a lawsuit. Any moron knows you take the lipstick and do this. With a tissue. She didn’t know that. I don’t play in that sand box. Even the tissue quite honestly, it’s not worth the risk. Maybe alcohol. I have seen pink eye, styes, cold sores. E. Coli grows in lipstick samples. Oh, my gosh. It’s like taking somebody’s poop and just putting it on someone’s face. I had no idea. That is so gross. I mean, I’ve been in stores where they wipe the top off of the lipstick. That seems okay. If you’re compelled to try it, you can wipe it. And use a q-tip, too. If you’re using it, you’re handing your germs. You’re handing them off to the next person. Ern needs to get this book. It’s fascinating. Please do out and get it. Thanks to Dr. Whitney Bowe. Her new book, “The beauty of dirty skin” is available now.

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