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ust one week. Cecilia, thank queio tonight, will the FBI to? Drford,f se, judge Kavanaugh andhaps other rson Dr. Ford alleges was in room,k judge the friend of Brett Kavanaugh, who described with kaugh whileavanaughas op of her. ABC’s Moran on where this fbinvestigation could Reporter: Dr. Christine ey Ford ha de she welcomes an FBI investigation. You were still not justwilling, but insistent that the FBI should investigate your recollection and your claim? Yes, I el like I D be theople are nting to know about. Reporter: Dr. Ford herself uld be theeyerson for trained FBI investigator rv her testimony contained several viviand precisdetails. For E says she made eye contacring the AEG attack wbrett kavaugh’s friend, mark judge, who she says was in toom. And she calls thistoo. What is the strongest memory you have? The strongest memory of the incident? Sothing that C forget. The lgh arious laughter between two. Expens You have nevefoat laughternever forgotaughing at you. They we laughing wiher. And you were the object of thlaughter? , Underneath one of them while the two laughed. Two friehallme with one another. Be checked easily, including that she Sark judge shortly afterthe alleged attack working at a local supermar certainly W feel like at he worked at the safeway so I could give a more spec of tss Rter: Judge a recoveng and cancer survivor, also wrote a ok, “Wasted: Tales of a gen X drunk,” one of the charas, a ghudent pass out Dr the character’s name? That heeferring T Y You’d have sk Reporr: Now the FBI might do that. Udge sent tter to thciy committee declaring, her stimony. I NER saw Brett act in the mannerr. Ford deribes.” Atic senator sheldowha former prutor, decled that not good enough. Letting Kavanaugh’s alleged accomp Guin the roowin it happen, get away with a lawyer lno testimony, noss-examinion. Rter: In H testimonydge kavanahy relied on hiold Frie statementan leerers who say don’t remember the party in question. To E? I’m going to ask you lt time.you willing to ask the white ho to authorize the FBI tointhe cim THA have been me against U? Are Y willing to ask T house too tt? He had six background checksr6 years — Ast relates to recent T witness testiny you, no witness T was supports tt was there. I’m going no we canovter: Judgean refused to budge.ate Ni Stant from judge Kavanaugh. Heoesn’tbject the FBI reopen his background check. That’s the reaction from judge kanaugh night. Terry Moran back with U fro supreme court. Terry, tonight, mark jud ring to the news the FBI will nownvestigate the assault allegation and ‘S right. Sent a letter to the committee. I’ll cooperate with any lawfoent mmittee. The FBI conductsnf inveig erry Moran, we’ll be talking lot over the next week. Rseas now, aies of

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