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usive interview with Donald um he ipeaking O about the anonymous administrn ficial whorote that “Thw Yo hitting the campaign til ahead of the midterm Elons, could be a referendum on hi father. Canpeaking O Abo “The New York Times'” disparaging his father ashe connues to find an alleged mole on the ins. I imagine this is a very low level on. Eporter: His crying betrayaling the anyus senior trumpistration offial who wrote op-ed in “The York time coming to be part of the resistancenside the Whitehouse. It’s prettysgusting. That’s pretty sad. Perhaps it’a dis son thrown What is the ime? Hink you’reg the the people. To try control presidency while not thens whooted forthis. Reporter: Tru jr.aidt’s made his father moreted I the oval office. I think there areplen th he N it’s a much smallergroup. Who do you trust? Keep to myse Rorter: And TRE family. It has the family ties which the administration but under scrutinyor his role inhe Russia inion. Yo father has denied reports Thate’ worri might in legal jeopardy of the muelleinvestigation. But are you scared that you could G tojail. I’m not because I know I did and I’m not worri about an that. Doesn’tean the won’t try to create something bu I’m not. Some say Mueller haseen successful. He’sot a indictment of manafo Anda deal from Cohen and has papadlos sentenced. You know, he’s got a litany O oses of your Wayt of any mp so if they get manafort on a T charge, again, I understand that they are trying to my father and unfazed bhe scas become arominent vce king to conservive fears gllegedly silenced by tech companiesike Google. You have that controls 91 and change percent of se the we don’t know whotrols the algorithm. We don’t whos doing what but they’re I T influence the process. Repor theheo not an alothm that favors one party or the If they’re only filter content on one side and happen timend ain and Ty one side complaining about it happenin– Rter: In a statement a Google spokesperson said search is not ud et a political ag and W don’t bias ours tower a poll ideology and continually work imovoogle search and never nk them T manipulate politicantiments. Re historical suggt democrald win back any worries could spell political cat father Our people, they have to turup. They have to get and vote and we D break hi voters don lican it ul to his impeachment. They’re basically L him B impeached. Do you agree with that. I thinkithout queson roles than T reicdo. Reporter: Donald Trump Jr. Tells me he plans tut on the cpa trail extensively between now a en day as his political future and W he might join whites he didn’t rule it out but said he’. Heeemed almt rigned to Eller cou taction agast him. He seems accept the fact at this N ending and that Mueller will N stop unte possibly — Tara paeri, thanks much. Let’s bring in Jon Karl a well and, hadhe ite house befing yesterday since thewood book came out and that anonymou op-ed pressing Sarah Sanders’ . Does he think theyuld coemplate con against the newspar. It’s whether somebody is actively trying to undermineexecutive governme Yt back several types butimes. She was ask cri would theustice department be looking into? What crime did the op-ed write or “The New York Times” E? Sh said, look, I am not a lawyer it’sp to the jtice department to look intot and to make thatation, but, again, no indication as to what and,y the way, the president S also talked about retributn against Bob woodwardbout changing the lib laws. On North Korea the psident continues to praise Kim Jong-un but thatms to be at odds with newvieeveloping about their nuclear program andeven what his national security Viser is sa reporter:t sure does. It was sing to hr talk a very war and positive letter that the predent received from Kim Jong-un and said that thee working on coording anoer ING, John bne I R he does not think that there’s any potential W this yesterday. Okay, Jon rl, tnks very mu,michael.

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