Does a Good Wireless Bra Exist for a 34F? I Did the Legwork to Find Out

As soon as I pitched this story I regretted it. I’ve spent the majority of my life in an underwire bra, constantly looking for one that would make me feel supported and comfortable. In my mind, that meant wires. They’re metal, they have structure, and frankly I didn’t consider I, a size-34F-bra wearer, could go without them. Certainly not for a week. I was worried no wires essentially meant no bra—a concept I completely support but was never fully felt comfortable executing.

 In hindsight, I may have overreacted.

Before I tell you about the wireless bras I loved—notice I didn’t say “liked?”—it’s important to note that finding them wasn’t as easy as I hoped it to be. I started with scouring lingerie sites I’d normally shop and brands whose designs I love only to find wireless bras for smaller cup sizes or styles more similar to a sports bra. The most recent reporting on average bra sizes say it’s 34DD. I may be a bit above average but the majority of my options were below. Thankfully with the help of a few brands who offer more inclusive size ranges, I found what I was looking for.

Below, these are the six best bras that not only impressed me, a tough critic who’s barely spent a day out of underwire since age 12, but gave me some perspective on why I was scared to go without them in the first place.

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