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Turning now to the EPA chief under sing pressur tonight. New S coming tight about the growinb for taxpayers when it comes to Scott Pruitt’s travel ancurity. Here’s ABC’s Ta Palmeri. Reporter:onight, new alarming numbers about how much embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt is costing taxpayers. Documents show he spent $832,000 in the first quarter of his rm onurity costs. That’s nearly double the amount spent by two predecessors the obamadministration. At that pace, it would add up to nearly $3 million INT over ayear. Scott has done a fantastic job. Ink he’s a fantastic person. Reporter: White house has not responded to these lt fires. T the presidis standing by prui, tweeting is “Under siege.” Trump world loves S Pruitt so, U also have the huase of the party that actu knows WHE EPA director is,ch isn’rmally the case. Reporter: Buthere are ING calls on both siof the aislr him to resign. One Democrat demanding ars on why Pitt requested security 24/7, including,edly, on personal trips to disneynd the rose bowl. Pruitt’s team say E reived an unprecedend number of threats, although there have been no arrests rges. Anytime that you do tranmational things — Yeah. There are critics and there people are against you in that regard. Repr: This isn’t the on allegation against Pruitt on how xpayer money is spent he’s been sed of wasteful spending on ficlass and private flights, installing soundproof phone B for $43,0, and approving steep pay raises for Tes. One adding nea$57,000 to the staffer’s salary. I found out about yesterday and I changed it. So did it? There would be some accountabili. Career person or a political person? I’t know. I don’t know. Don’t know the answer. Cy. I found out yesterday and corrected the action. Reporte but EPA officials tell ABC news that prudid bout the raises and pported them. Tara, you’re Lear the president and his chief of staff John Kelly alsd a problem in the laew weeks. Reporter: That’s right, Tom. I just spoke senior white house official during an argue in late March that kellffered to resignnly if that was the president’s wish. ABC news ho learned thatthe president and Y also disagree on how to deal with Scott Pruitt. Trump ks he should stay, butkelly thinks he should be fire. Tom. Ara Palmeri wthat new reporting tonight. Tara, thank you. This quick progrng one-on-one homeland secure

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