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The next volume of Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures sees the fourth Doctor and Leela on two brand new audio adventures.

Out in February, audio production company Big Finish has announced that Tom Baker and Louise Jameson are plunging back into the Time Vortex for the next volume of Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10.

These two brand-new full-cast audio dramas follow the Fourth Doctor and Leela into an uproarious tour through time and a prehistoric encounter with an esteemed palaeontologist.

“I so love doing all this, I never ever get tired,” said Tom Baker on taking on the role of the Doctor for his tenth year with Big Finish  “It’s as if each one is the very first one – and the more improbable it is the more I love it because I, of course, am totally improbable myself!”

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures
There are two brand new adventures on their way with volume 2 of Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures, with Louise Jameson (left) and Tom Baker returning for their roles. They will be starring alongside Lucy Briggs-Owen (second right) and Charlotte Bate (far right).

The volume consists of two rip-roaring rides starting with ‘Tribulations of Thadeus Nook’ by Andrew Smith, which sees The Doctor and Leela encounter Thadeus Nook, a most enterprising young gentleman using time travel for his own financial gain by conducting Time Tours. The Doctor is horrified at the irresponsibility – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, because Thadeus Nook is about to learn that history is often best left in the past.

Next up in the volume is ‘The Primeval Design’ by Helen Goldwyn. Taking place in Dorset, 1830, the Doctor has taken Leela to meet Mary Anning, the noted palaeontologist. However, the duo immediately stumble into trouble when a body is found that has been attacked by an animal… but one of a size unknown in the area. It turns out some things might be better off staying buried…

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 2 is out on 10 February and is available now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD at £24.99) and as a digital download (at £19.99), exclusively at the Big Finish website.

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