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It is time now for the ultimate guide to eatingclean. Here with “The New York S” best-sel author. Smith. He has 15 book out called “The clean 20: 20 fo 2 datatransformation”. Doc, welcome to show. Good to seas always. Now, the partut this book is thatclean 20,” you talk aboutating clean, aot of people arehinking whats clean eating? Yeah,ically we’re tryog reduce the amount of processed foods so all tho aicial gredients thingik esvatives, those artifl eeteners, we’re G rid ofthose and eating the food in a more natural S to have more of the powerful foods that are natural. It’s easy this isbout eating 20 foods for 20 dayr more that you se so it’spletely cuizable. People have lost average pounds in 20 days. LE love th beyond that there’s increased energy levels, people report loweringod pressure, cholesterol levels and theood news is there aren’t hardes bume things you need T fall Talk about 20 S. Yeah. Okay, 20 foods, we have ten here. Whs it raw ingredients. Ll, you have things L leafy greens which are impnt for vitamin forfiber. You look at your Carr vitamin eight, lemons are a great detoxifying agent. Salmon, omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs areimportant. A lot of protein to eggs. Avocados so 20 ingredients you N pick. Easygredients, extremely affordable. Very easy to follow and there’s some things can’t do when you’re tryto eat clean. No white flour soo with whole ain flour. We want to make sure we’re N eating ornkingsoda. So we want have things like water,lavored water, no soda. Can you deal W that No, I can but our audience is like, ooh I’m trying to focus here. We’ll get into the food. Yeah, yeah,yeah. T is breakfast.what is S different about this beat. You get three S. You get three snacks daynd it’s basicood this is an omelet so the idea you H high protein and have you fiber with your antioxidants. You can bread the Ogram. Whole grain or whole wheat bread. Things like this lik chickpeas make hummus and of course your cucumbers wonderful. Is is what a gre breakfast will look like. Ry filling a fiber and protein in themorning. Lunch. Going against the grand with lunch, low rbs. Increasing protein so it’s low carb, high protein and beauty of this is aunch you really hung this will fill you up much long enanep you full for all those times WHE have hunger pangs. I kind of want that rightto be honest with you. What do W have for nner?hon we increase our vitamin in. Salmon, my fate, omega-3 sprouts. Mye makesat Brussels spand sweet potatoes. It lowers the glycemicndex and the book has over 60 recipes so you can make them all in0 min Portion size. Portions are important. But the tons of food in this ram. People love it because youan eat all T food andot feel hungry. ‘S key. Exercise. Talk Abo exercise. 20 minutes. 20inutes four days a week, the book has your exercise with you as long as your snacks ING ice skaters, doing S engines otis called the standirunch and people in the audience Wil D something called some cha assd squats so even, get up. Get. Up, get up. Get up. So T book has simple exercisesso basically feet shoulder width apart and get right above your seat, two is and hold it for five se Ooh. And then . Right. Hair squa chair dip, the book has all of it in the Get up and move eat clean is there O 20 minutes, you do it. Lose weight and feel stronger. Our fook page is the clean join us on Facebook. Got aood challenge going

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