Diane Keaton Is My Favorite Fashion Person to Follow on IG

When did Diane Keaton become the top fashion person to follow on Instagram? Well, it kind of happened quietly. The 73-year-old actress has always had notably great style and an Instagram account, for that matter, but it’s only now that those two facts about her have merged. Suddenly, I find myself uninterested in the goings on of fashion month, the celebrity drama in the Kardashian family, and other news because Diane Keaton’s outfits on Instagram are the only thing I care about right now (feel free to @ me here if you disagree).

Style-wise, Keaton’s menswear-inspired ensembles in Annie Hall have nearly been solidified in film fashion history, and the easygoing all-white looks she donned in Something’s Gotta Give have been inspiring our beach vacation wardrobes for years now. But it wasn’t until her first outfit post arrived in my feed on February 1 that I started paying attention to her off-screen style, too.

Standing in front of a mirror in what appears to be her immaculate closet, Keaton was dressed in all-black, a wide waist belt cinching a blazer, lace-up boots, and a strong top hat, which she announced with the caption “TODAY’S OUTFIT.” Consider me hooked. Scroll down to see what else she’s been up to on Instagram this month, and I think you’ll agree she’s the style star all our feeds needed.