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rmatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe wi brand-new book O cd”the beauty of dirty skin” looking radiant from the iide focusing O what calls the brain/skin connection. Good it see youagai nk you for having me. Wonderfo hav youhere. This is what I love about you. First of all, brilliant book, read it cover to cover. You get into the nce. Oh, yeah, there’s over 1 preferences in the back of there in talk about T scien of how — when you hear about or things like that you’reike at can can’t be goodflus there is groundbreaki N science showing the secret to skinnd a thinner isht have to do with our good bug so right nowe’re L covered in tns microscopic bacteria and not just all over our skin but in our guts and if we keep these bugs happy and healthy and in the right ba they actually can act warriors and help fighterious skin conditions like acn and eczema but also appear slow dn theigns of aging. Ly. Like wrinkle, give us a littit of that glow. That got yournt Okay, all right. And you have a three-week program. I do. I . So week one, weekne focuses on because an unhappy gut leads to unhappy so Thi a typical Amer breaast. This may look healthy but the refined carbs ands in the cereal. In apple Jui or Ora juice, the artific sweeteners, all have been shown to trigger hormonal changes and inflammation in the skin. What do Yo suggest. Dureek one you want to blup on whole urocessed foods. Low in ga rich healthy fats, probiotics. So you want to have ome E and veies andkoucha. Yogurt,ilkeally important so here almondilk and coconut milk a okay dairy milk if re hg fat-free M H been shown to trigger inflammati I skin. So we’ve got theiet and now it’s aboutin some lifestyle chains. So week two is all about gs like sleep, exercise, meditation, and we all know those areood fort a lot don’t know how much time to spend on each. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Spin that around. I see . T. Exercise, 30 minutes appears to be the magic number. This — recent study shows if you dot C make your skin look decades younger under tt and meditation, five minutes a day. I’ve started meditatg a couple years ago and truly made a big difference. Aye have a viewer question asking a littleit about this. Especial is to exercise. Here it is. I know you say exercise can help maintain healthy skin so my question is can onexercise lp mor thanother? So, robin, it’ariety is Y. You don’t want to do the same G every day. Mix it up. Ance of strength trai and cardio that et’s talkut it Yes, so W threes all about skin ca that is ruining Y skin what’s the matter with this. These loofa are literally in scrubbing away your goodbugs. Is has go. Okay. All right. So what do we useinstead. Anti-bacterial soap. More effective than plain soap water but can mess with hormones. Handizers should B used as lrt if you cannot access S and water. Spin it around. What do we wt to do. You can use aen washcloth, a gentle scrubo exfoliate your skin twice and use a gentle Cler, look for hydrating O gentle on the label three is fun time to start experting with some of these new skin care product that made withbiotics. We have time tosk another? One more from the Ence. Here we go. Hey, doc, I’ve been wondering which one is better forr skin, bar S or liq soap and why? Good question. So her one is fine, sog it doesn’t leave your skin ling squeaky clean and tight. That’s a sign it’ littl too harsh and probablyling off glow. Givehe bottom line. You do have to spend a fortune on expensiveams and in-office procedure have gorgeous skin. In 21 days you can transform yorom the inside out and outside in on any budget. We have seen that and look how she does this at theend. So cute. Thank you, Dr. Whitney Bowe, we apprte that. “The bea of dirty skin” is out now, wait a mut everyone in our audience is going homeh her boo every in the audience. So am I.

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