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Jon, thanks as always. To the other major headline. Democrats in congress demanding answers after a report from “Buzzfeed” news claiming that president trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to congress about a trump tower deal in Moscow. They report that Robert Mueller’s investigators have documents that prove it. The president’s lawyer and the white house firing back. Here’s Pierre Thomas. Reporter: Tonight president trump’s former attorney and confidante Michael Cohen arriving home from shoulder surgery as Democrats vow to investigate the new report claiming the president directed him to lie to congress. The recent articles are quite disturbing, if trump instructed him to lie repeatedly. The new buzzfeed report, which ABC news has not confirmed, alleges according to two law enforcement sources president trump directed Cohen to lie about plans to build a trump tower in Moscow. Cohen admits he told lawmakers the Moscow project was abandoned in January 2016 when in fact negotiations continued until that June, deep into the campaign. The president repeatedly claimed he had no business deals in Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia. I have no relationship to Russia whatsoever. I have nothing to do with Russia. I never did. Reporter: Buzzfeed reports special counsel Robert Mueller has interviews with multiple witnesses from the trump organization, internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents that indicate the president directed his former fixer to lie. ABC news has not been able to confirm those details. Tonight, the president’s attorney and the white house tonight pushing back hard. Sarah, did the president direct Michael Cohen to lie to congress? Look that’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s categorically false. Reporter: The issue of the president possibly pressuring to lie under oath came up earlier this week at the confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee William Barr. Wrote on page one a president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction, is that right? Yes. David, Cohen is scheduled to testify before house investigators early next month. His attorneys say won’t comment in public about the special counsel’s investigation. Pierre Thomas, thank you. There’s news coming in from Chicago tonight. Jason Van Dyke was just

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