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be upset. Mntime the democratic P a N of attack to hold rsia and others accountable. Their own lawsuit claiming the conspiracyhe wikil and the trump camign that D to hurt their party. Here’s Mary Bruce. Reporter: The democratic party toght is launc its own legal attack against the president. Alleging that ia, the trp campaiand wikiles conspired to damage Hillary Clinton and tilt pridential election to Donald Trump Eaks, I love wikks. Reporter: Calling it “An ac of unpceed treache,” the DNC lawsuit pieces together previously known reports. Ranginom contactbetween ose associes of the trump campaign and Russian officials, to wikileaks’ hack of the DNC’s emails and their leak damang informati It’s been amazihat’s cong out on leaks. Her one ca I this wikil it’s like a treasure trove. Reporter: The multi-milli dollar suit does not name president trump, but it does go after his inner circle, includinhison and so. If the moves forwd, the president and his top aides could be forced to answequestions under oath. Soet to Mary Bruce live inhingtononight. Mary, the trump campaign now the president responding moment ago. The trump campaign tht is calling this a sham lawsuit and E president just tweeting saying this can gd news in he’ll now counter. Democrats clearlyer to have their day in court. Many of these trumpid are tied up in the special col’s probe meaning deposit could be says away. Oveeas tonight what could

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