Damn You, Autocorrect! ‘Baboon’ Knocks Out Phoenix Power Grid

An ESPN reporter was victimized by a hilarious autocorrect on Monday after he tried to tweet an explanation for a game delay in Phoenix between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers

Some 100,000 people ― and Chase Field, where the Diamondbacks play ― lost power, but the outage was not caused by a rampaging baboon. Gomez clarified a few minutes later: 

The Suns Gorilla, mascot of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, took to Twitter with an alibi after the 22-minute delay

The Phoenix Zoo also got in on the fun: 

Gomez later said “that might be my all time best autocorrect.” The baboon tweet also led to this amusing exchange between Gomez and the Diamondbacks: 

Here’s more reaction:  

The Rangers would eventually win, 9-5.