Damian From ‘Love Is Blind’ Reveals The Cringey Way He Was Cast On The Show

Well, this is about as awkward as your fiancée brutally informing you that you’re bad in bed.

On Tuesday, some of the cast of Netflix’s most shameful of guilty pleasures, “Love Is Blind,” visited “Ellen” to talk about the state of their relationships after the dating show wrapped about a year and half ago. During their chat, contestant Damian Powers, whose relationship with Giannina Gibelli gave viewers some of the most cringeworthy scenes of the season, decided to make fans recoil one last time by sharing how he was cast on the show.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli of “Love is Blind,” who are apparently … still together?!

“I’m probably one of the most interesting cases because they actually found me on Tinder, so,” he explained. “I started chatting with this girl, hit it off, she’s like, ‘Add me on Instagram.’ Had a pretty good connection and then she’s like, ‘I’m a casting producer.’ And I’m like, ‘Catfish, hahaha.’ And now I‘m here.”

Well, in a way, we’re glad Powers didn’t swipe left on the dubious producer or we’d never have gotten this this wince-inducing moment, either: