‘Daily Show’ Curates A Handy List Of Trump Defenses For Republicans To Use

The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is here to lend a helping hand to defenders of President Donald Trump, with his handy new “subscription service”: Trump Club.

The late night comedian mocked Republicans for their stream of excuses to protect the president amid the impeachment inquiry. House Democrats are investigating Trump’s attempt to pressure the Ukrainian government into digging up dirt on his 2020 political rival Joe Biden in exchange for millions of dollars in U.S. military aid.

“We’re like a week away from them pulling out the ‘evil twin brother’ defense,” Noah quipped. “It’ wasn’t Donald, it was his evil twin, Ronald!”

“You know what Republicans need? Republicans need one service that provides them with the best excuses so that they can all get on the same page,” he said. “Sort of like a Blue Apron, but for lies.”

Check out Noah’s “Trump Club” idea below for the “freshest and most convincing excuses” for the president’s behavior ― sent right to your door: