Cute Summer Outfit Ideas for 2019

Tyler Joe

You may be ready to hit the ground running in little white dresses and basket bags, but there’s admittedly more to summer dressing than cosplaying Anne of Green Gables. This season it’s all about color and experimentation, and thankfully the streets are offering valuable inspiration. We scoured fashion week photos and found 9 new trends to work into outfit ideas, courtesy of some sartorial stars, that will make you rethink your wardrobe. And don’t worry—we’re not encouraging you to replace your entire closet. Some of these may already be there. It’s all about how you refresh it, using our guide ahead.

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Adult Tie-Dye

Tie dye is everywhere this season, but it’s not all about psychedelia. Designers like Ganni have elevated the print with slinky silk materials and grown-up cuts that won’t make you feel like a Woodstock attendee. To get the look, reach for work-ready pieces like a sleek dress. Then pair it with modern accessories like sharp sunglasses and heavy metal bags.


Adult Tie-Dye

Knit Tie Dress

This affordable dress is a toned down version of the trend that can be worn from the office to the beach (because that’s our dream).


Beaded Jewelry

Designers are using precious stones and coral beads to evoke summer vibes, but are less literal in their design. Layer these pieces with pearls and pair with a white blouse to keep it from looking like you just stepped off of the resort.


Beaded Jewelry

Pearl and Stone Hoop Earrings

These are the kind of earrings we wish we thought of first. Zara took oceanic beads and put them on simple hoops. Genius. 


Pony Scarf

In the midst of summer it’s too hot to wear your hair in any other style than a ponytail. Refresh the classic look with a silk scarf. Go with a wide, long shape so it can drape backwards with ease.

A New Day™


Unfolded, this scarf is a giant flower. But tied up in your hair, it’s an abstract swirl of corals and pinks. 


Short Suiting

Here’s a bright idea: try a technicolor short suit. It’s a step away from last season’s suiting set trend, but made for summer office dressing.


Short Suiting

Pockets Structured Blazer

We don’t wear tangerine enough, but this blazer is encouraging us to do so. 


Short Suiting

Belt Bermuda Shorts

These shorts complete the set.  


Chic Flip Flops

Bryan Flip Flops

If Havaianas remind you too much of Laguna Beach, Tibi is making another option. Their minimalist style is made of leather instead of rubber, so they won’t make you feel like a teenager sobbing in a bathroom. 


Feminine Menswear

This outfit laughs in the face of summer’s number one enemy, your office’s AC. Store a plain gray blazer at your desk and pop it over any outfit: it’s an easy fix for when you want to wear a sleeveless dress to work.


Feminine Menswear

The Oversized Blazer



Everlane makes some of the greatest basics, and this blazer is one of them.  It’s inspired by classic menswear, but has more feminine narrow shoulder. 


Provincial Chic

We’ve discussed how milk maid dresses are trending, but the latest look is going deeper into the pastoral vibe. Gowns are cut in shapes with prints that are made for the French countryside. Style yours with an easy cardigan and your favorite basket bag.


Provincial Chic

Exclusive Odetta Floral-Print Dress by Brock Collection

Brock Collection



Tinted Sunglasses

We’re officially over skinny sunglasses, there we said it. Swap them out for the new it-sunglasses, oversized tinted shades. They’ll boost your simplest t-shirt and jeans outfit in one fell swoop.


Tinted Sunglasses

Oversized Polarized Square Sunglasses

Rag & Bone


Rag & Bone’s sunglasses section is not to be missed. They have a curated set of fashion-forward styles like this peach pair, all for under $300. 


New Animal Prints

Leopard print is forever, but zebra, tiger and even cow-hide prints are now. Experiment with these animalistic styles and don’t shy away from color. Embrace the print by clashing them with bold, saturated hues.


Technicolor Animal

Tina Pleated Tiger-Print Silk Crepe de Chine Skirt



Rixo makes some of the funnest prints to buy. We plan to wear this with a graphic tee and on-trend hiker sandals

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