‘Curb’ Showrunner: Donald Trump Is So Stupid, Doesn’t Realize We’re Making Fun Of Him

“This guy is so stupid, he doesn’t realize we’re making fun of him,” Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Thursday.

In the season 10 episode that HBO aired in January, Larry David discovered a Trump hat is a “great people repellent” and the perfect prop to get him out of tricky social situations.

David, who plays a version of himself in the show, also uses the hat to fend off an angry biker:

The biker scene caught the eye of the president.

Trump later tweeted the clip ― captioning it “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” ― and pinned the post at the top of his feed.

“It’s so funny — when we were shooting it, someone on set was like, “When this comes out, he’s definitely going to tweet about this.” And I said, “No, that’s crazy,” Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter. “And then he did, and he pinned it at the top of his feed, and it just stayed up there.”

“Larry and I talked about it, like, is there a response we do?” Schaffer added. “But we decided to just let that orange-haired baby sit in his own messy diaper.”

It’s unclear why Trump posted the tweet, which remains on his feed.