Crazy Street Style Outfits Ranked by My Grandma

Street style is known for being a bit, well, out there. To those of us who either work in the industry or are simply fashion-obsessed, the shock of these outside-the-box outfits kind of just wears off over time. But to someone like my 93-year-old grandmother, the street style looks we don’t bat an eye at have her feeling some type of way. In an effort to really get a rise out of her, I decided to pull 10 street style outfits we’ve seen over the course of fashion month that even I was shocked by. If these looks were causing me to do a double take, I could only imagine what my grandmother had to say about them.

To preface, my grandma is quite a stylish woman and always has been. For her most recent birthday (the one where she turned 93), we took her shopping because all she wanted was some new animal-print pieces to add to her fall wardrobe. In other words, she is pretty open when it comes to trends and variations of style. Ahead, I had her rank the 10 street style images I chose for her from her personal favorite to her least favorite. In addition to naming each of the looks, she provided a brief explanation for each. Her commentary is both extremely spot-on and extremely hilarious, so I highly encourage you to scroll all the way to the bottom to see which street style outfit resonated least with her personal taste.