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threateningnds. Sve osunsami, thank you. James Comey’s M now made public. Many details we hadn’rd before. G theme president’s concern abouthael Flynn that he lack judgment. Here’s jonatkarl tonight. Reporter: 15 S of melous descrtion, writn in real time, detailing the interactions of a president an FBI director. James coy wrote the first one the da met the presidelect, briing him at trump tower. I just wanted to get it done and geout of there. Reporter: As soon as he got Bao his car, Comey started typing. Noting, “I wrote this less than five minutes after the meeting anhave tried use actual words spoken.” He rounts briefing trump on the so-called steeossier that ced the rusans had derump with prostitutes in Moscow. Coy writes, “Trump interjected, ‘there were no prostitute there were never prostitutes.'” in a later meeting at the white house, Comey writes “The ident saidthe hookers thing’s nonsensehat tid told himwe have some of the most beautiful hookers in E world.'” the Russians deny that convertion ever place. Although a few weeks earlier, as tin was recting the allegations in the dossier, he added this. Russian prostitutes are, quote, “T best in the world, obviously.” The Comey memos also recount famous meeng in the Al office where the president allegedly urged his FBI dire easy on fired nasal “I hope you lethis go.” But nother mem Comey writes that trump “Has serious reservation abmike Flynn junt.” Heays trump S infuriated Flynn waited days to inform him eign leader, who’s meredacted, D called to congratulate him on his inauguon. Let’s geton Karl from Alm ach. Joyou reported the name of E fon leader who CD to congratulatedent trump was re. You’ve learn who it was. I’m told it wa vladimi Putin. Because of the he get a call back fromresident trump for six da acrding to Comey the pre told him if head waitix days for a return call he would be upset. Mntime the democratic P a N of attack

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