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Transcript for College offers a business class on spin bikes

Back to your college days. What if you saw this flier up in your university hallway right there. Burn to learn. It’s a new course spring 2018. You take a class, a legitimate class while spinning. It’s a class and you’re spinning as well and you get credit. Oh, wow. Come on. You spin — do you spin — is it a — At your pace. What? Sure, I’d do that. Why wouldn’t you? Yeah, would y’all do that? Why wouldn’t you do that? It’s a class — it’s at Fordham university. Fordham university. But it really is cycling. It’s not a joke at all. It’s a real course and getting credit and — What are you getting credit for? What is the course? The course is research in management fitness integrated learning. Managing impressions and organizations. I have no idea what that course is about. But if somebody asks what course you took and you said all that they’d be like wow. Really I just rode a bike at my own pace and read a coming book. Would you do both — I read on the bike. Not a heavy-duty workout. I like to watch something visually. I don’t know how people can jog and read. I can’t jog and read. I can do a bike. I don’t get it. A bike, I have to watch something. Hopefully you’re watching us when — Hopefully. I tape the show and then I watch it on my bike later.

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