Colbert: Michael Cohen’s payments from companies ‘just the tip of the bribe-berg’

Stephen Colbert on Thursday night joked that reports of Michael Cohen’s receiving money from companies including AT&T and Novartis were “just the tip of the bribe-berg.”

“According to one GOP strategist,” Colbert said, “right after the presidential inauguration, Cohen was cold calling people and saying: ‘I don’t know who’s representing you, but you should fire them all. I’m the guy you should hire. I’m the closest to the president. I’m his personal lawyer.'”

“That was pretty bald influence peddling,” said Colbert, adding, as a graphic depicting a fake lawyer ad appeared on screen, “he was slightly more subtle when he bought the ad bench in front of the White House.”

Cohen was so blatant about his cash grab, Colbert said, because he didn’t get a much-sought-after White House job, at the urging of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

“Hey,” Colbert said, mimicking Kuchner’s voice, “being ‘unqualified’ as a White House staffer? That’s kind of our thing.”