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Letake that to Michael N’s attorne Lanny Davis. Lanny, T Y foroining us. Nkou having me. Isichael Cohen prepared to tell ething he knows about president trump to Sal unl Robert Mueller and other prosecutors? Yes, 0%. That’s the decision he made that led tohat happened yesterday and that’ W his feeling now are a mixture of the pain he went THR for himilyut relief and betion that he can now speak prosecution ING over him. In cou yesterday H implicated presidemp in a federal crime. As you know president trump’s defenders are already king Mr. Cohen’s crity.does he have evidence to support those CL? Let me make 100% C evidenas prove definitively by dd trump’s law they W the special counts and said Donald P direct Michael Cohen to make these illegal payments it’s not a Ute. It’s not aboutcredibility. ITIs law in letter used the worddi. Rudy Giuliani said don’t believe what trump said on airorce one. It’s not a crimeo lie to the American people. And he said, donalp reimbursed Michael Cohen. To be ear, if Micha Cohen committed a federal crime at the direction of president trump,s that mean prent trump committed a fed crime? Redent trump committed a criminal act that corrupt T our democry. That’st the campaign finance laws are T. The same wayhat the Russians complicit wikileaks and Ence thatrs of the mpaign at least father till stated that conspira You Cohen is liberated to tell theth about prest trump. You just he implicated president ump in a federal cr can he implicate the president in crimes? I don’t know yet. I know that he needs help from the American people W have ve interesting a president whoommits crimes and denies Russi interference. What information does he have about the esident? Does he havenformation about possible collusion with the Russians that wouldof special interest to Robert R? Have to beareful as to at Michael cohenred with as an attorn not allowed to do THIT’s pieervation thathat he knows that he witnessed Wil be ofnterest to speal course that my ion. We’ll see. Other investiga bodies lining the New York attorney neral? He will tell the T to everybody who ask H about Mr. Trp. When he retained we had long conversations aboutly the issue, will you tellhe truth out donaldrump after all the yes that you were loyal to him and worked for him? His answerwas, I want to hit threset button. He N for himsf and his family and thehael Cohen truth go to sit is for erans who wt to help chael Cohen tehe truth. You said he W to H the reset button. Rudy giui said that his P actions show a pattern of lies and dishonesty andrd similar words from the prosecutor yeerday. I think tuestion for a lot of americaill , Michael Cohen lied before. Should we believe him now? Rudy Giuliani a strange definition oft truth is. But we’re not debatingnything today. Michael Cohen wasected to Donald Trump’s lawyers too a criminal act S whatever youttack on Michael cohecredibilit you can’t attack dd trump lawyers using the words directed Michael Cohen toot cminal act. Final question, M Cohen at residential pa? Does he want one? He wi and doesot want ything from Donald Trump. After working for all ofthose ye he came to the recognition that Donald P is a president unsuitableo hav thffice and the powers of thatffice which he has abused and which Donald Trump will continue T abuse perhaps using the pardon power a Michael Cohen wants no part oft abuse. L Davis, thanks for you time this ING. Thank you. I would image that a Aring that presideru not inclinoardon Mel Cohen. What an to the relationshut you addressed that big questi if it was a crime fcohen, is it a crime president? Great iniew. Want to move to the other

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