Chunky Gold Necklaces Are Fall’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

If you’re looking for just one jewelry trend to magically overhaul your entire look for the coming season, you’re in luck because it actually exists. Upon reviewing last week’s photos from Copenhagen—the unofficial start of fashion month—it’s clear that our favorite stylish Scandinavians have set the trends for (at least) the next six months, and one It accessory has risen above the rest.

In conjunction with its omnipresence on Instagram and New Bottega endorsement, the chunky gold chain necklace was without a doubt the standout star of the week, which tells us it’s destined to be all over It girls in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, too. The best part? While there are, as always, the designer versions we can’t help but covet, the trend is accessible at any price point, with one editor-approved option coming in at just $10. Ahead, see how fashion girls in Copenhagen wore their chunky, gold necklaces, and, of course, shop them along the way.