Chrissy Teigen Roasts Fan Who Told Her To Put On A Bra

In the world of social media, it’s always clapback season for Chrissy Teigen

The cookbook author, model and host of “Lip Sync Battle” is currently vacationing in Thailand alongside her husband, John Legend, and their two kids, Luna and Miles. Teigen has documented every step of the family’s trip, including a stop in a toy store. 

In the picture of the store that Teigen posted on Instagram Wednesday, she’s wearing a low-cut maroon jumpsuit sans a bra.

The caption of the photo reads, “what do you think I’m looking at,” and most commenters ― noticing that the 33-year-old was braless ― mentioned a certain undergarment. 

“A bra girl, get you one!” one follower said, to which Teigen had the perfect response. 

“Allow me to save you from my titties,” she said.

When another commenter mentioned a bra as well, Teigen just wrote back “LOL LOL LOL LOL OMG LOL LOL.” 

Teigen is the undisputed queen of comebacks and always has a response ready for her haters, who generally tend to comment on her babies or her body.

She shut down a body-shaming tweet in July after people kept commenting on her butt when paparazzi photos surfaced from a family vacation in Portofino, Italy. 

“Everyone so used to ass shots and photoshopped instagrams,” she tweeted in response to one of the pictures. “I’ve had no ass forever – is this new news to some of you?”

And she knows that people wouldn’t be happy even if she did go under the knife. 

“Fuckin lames wouldn’t be able to stop blabbering if I got my ass done either,” Teigen added. “Bored as all hell, never can win!”