Chris Rock’s Post-Election Fantasy Is Very 2020

We all need a nice, long nap, including Chris Rock.

As the presidential election continues to slog on, and states like Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia continue to count ballots, many Americans are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as they anxiously await results.

Yet waiting and feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious is pretty much the best way to sum up how many have felt during 2020 — and Rock has delivered a post-election fantasy that feels, well, extremely relatable.

On Friday, the comedian posted a photo of ballot results in a few key states like Nevada and Pennsylvania on CNN. The tallies when Rock snapped the photo all showed former Vice President Joe Biden ahead in each state, something that Rock seems to be somewhat happy about — if he could only muster up the energy to pop open a bottle of champagne … or even roll off the couch.

“Oddly I don’t feel like celebrating,” Rock wrote. “I feel like Tom Hanks towards the end of castaway. I’m really happy the ship came but I dont want to party . I just want to take a shower cut my hair eat a shrimp find Helen Hunt deliver my last package and figure out the rest of my life.”

Many celebrities seemed to share Rock’s sentiments, including Zoë Kravitz, who wrote, “THIS IS VERY ACCURATE,” and her dad, musician Lenny Kravitz who agreed with his daughter by saying, “There it is.”

Actor Penelope Cruz, however, may have summed up her response to Rock’s post and everything else about this terrible, terrible year in the best way possible: with a string of laughing-crying emoji.