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with hand specialists to undergo surgery that could keep him out six weeks. Averaging 16.2 points and five assists off of the bench. Nets in 6th place in the eastern conference. College hoops the pride owning the longest winning streak. They look to keep it going. Can they make it 16 in a row as they visit town send on Saturday. Eli tumberton made 3. Count it. It is good. Pride cruising along. Hello. Pride up by 15 and the D from buoy would add 14 points. The steal gets the bucket. A sweet 16, 84-61. Pride improving to 19-3. 9 and 0 and conference play. At one point 7-point E.R.A. For the 2018 season dominated the majors. Jacob degrom earned the C. Cy young award. A dinner last night and another met cy young winner dock Goodin. Mets wasting no time adding a cy young give away boggle head day in early April. Another J T as New York welcomes Juan torres comes to the big apple after nysigns the youth interim midfielder. Comes from Belgium. He is originally from Georgia. He captained the U.S. 20 team in 2018. Congratulations and welcome to the big apple. Here is a look at what is coming up in the next half hour. Good morning a man brutally beaten in the hallway of an apartment So you finally got Fios, huh? Yep, and wanna know what the best part about it is? Nope. Gaming with less lag? Nope. Watching movies in 4k? The best part about it is, right now, my mom is streaming classes… …My dad is streaming games… And because the fiber-optic network gives you insane speed and capacity… …They don’t have to ask you to get offline. Exactly. You owe me so big time. Right now is your last chance toswitch Fios Gigabit connection and get a year of Amazon prime on us. Hurry, this offer ends January 30th. (Music throughout) A shocking and brutal attack shared on Facebook live at a complex in Brooklyn and police are searching for a suspect. The full shut down can be happening in a few months but riders can be facing disruptions. Taking a look at the harbor. Lower Manhattan, thank you for being with us on this Sunday morning. Good morning everyone. Thank for starting your day with us. I’m rob Nelson. Amy freeze has great news about your work week. We do have one thing swinging in our direction and that’s the conditions today. It looks good outside. And it feels good. Haven’t said that in a long time. Looking at this vantage point from midtown. You can see the empire state building. 41 degrees is the number on the thermometer. Factoring in the winds. We take a couple degrees off. Wind will settle down by 11 or noon and take the windchill factor out of things once we get the feels-like right here. 34. Taking a few degree off. But we get in the afternoon and it is upper 40s. 46, 47 degrees for the high. And it is going to feel very mile. So expecting our numbers to jump up and there is a weak front coming through to bring a sprinkle or a flurry to the area. We will be seeing temperatures go to the single digits. Enjoy this mild air mass. Know that is what is moving in the north and western suburbs and the counties there is a weak air mass and not too worried about that. Coming up in a few minutes. We will talk about cold coming all the way from the north pole in in direction. I will see you then rob. To the news search for the man behind absolutely brutal and vicious beating in Brooklyn. A 62-year-old man was punched, kicked, spit on. Stomped on. All of it in a building that was caught on camera. We have more on this story. Reporter: What is bad about this is the fact that it was streamed live on Facebook and there was laughter in the background. It is difficult to see this. Two men fighting and one throws a punch at the 62-year-old. In addition to the punching that suspect then stomps on the man’s head and even spits on him. A good samaritan tried to intervene, unsuccessful police know hot suspect is 30-year-old lytee Hundley. He is being searched for and the victim recovering from a fractured nose and fractures to other parts of his face. Live in bedford-stuyvesant Brooklyn. Tomorrow, repair work will begin on the L subway line. The line will shut down between Broadway in Brooklyn and 8th avenue in Manhattan. No service from 10:45 at night until five in the morning. Going to be doing most of the overnight Monday through Friday. On top of that complete shut downs on the weekends. They will last through March 18th and they come ahead of this spring’s major lline repairs. Atlantic City’s hard rock casino is offering sports betting a week before the super bowl. The casino received permission late Friday from the New Jersey division of gaming enforcement to begin so-called soft play testing of equipment and systems and they did so on Saturday. Hard rock hopes to have online and in person sports betting available before the big game on the 3rd. It will be the 8th atlantic City casino to open sports betting. Meantime the NFL will begin to test some new ingame innovations during the pro bowl. There will be a multiple coach to player on field communication system. It will allow more than one

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