Céline Dion’s 9 Best Style Moments From the ’90s

I recently took a deep dive into the impeccable yet always shocking style of Céline Dion. Just within the past year or so, this icon has graced us with looks that were put together with the most dramatic, jaw-dropping reactions in mind. I’ve always known Céline to have great style, but I was curious as to when it really started to peak. As I scrolled and scrolled through archives of images, I realized that the beginning of her style evolution doesn’t exist, as it has truly always been top-notch.

However, there was one period of Céline that gave me all the feels, and that was the entire duration of the ’90s. Name a ’90s trend, and Céline wore it. This includes slip dresses, chokers, pantsuits—the list goes on and on. Instead of continuing to talk your ear off about just how greatly I was impacted by this discovery, I will let you see for yourself. Ahead, check out a handful of the best Céline Dion style moments from the ’90s and shop the pieces you’ll need to re-create the looks.