Celebs Are Wearing the 2019 Version of Overalls

We get that it can be hard to keep up with whether or not overalls are cool. People don’t talk about them much, you don’t see them on the runway much or on the street style scene much. But they never really went away. They’re not quite a basic or wardrobe essential, but they’re not not a basic. They’re just sort of always available if you want to buy a pair and if you wear them, you won’t look like you’re stuck in the past. All this being said, a few recent celebrity outfits are starting to indicate that overalls could be set to make a trend comeback. 

Just this weekend, both Emily Ratajkowski and Margot Robbie wore overalls and earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez donned a denim pair (all of which are affordable, we might add). What struck us about Ratajkowski and Robbie’s overalls were that neither were made of typical blue denim. Robbie’s were railroad striped and EmRata’s were red. And after perusing the overall stock at several major e-tailers, we noticed that many of the new overall arrivals were similarly patterned or colored. Could these celebrity-approved atypical overalls be the 2019 version of overalls? We certainly wouldn’t be surprised. 

Keep scrolling to see how these celebs are styling their overalls and shop more “atypical” overalls like Robbie and Ratajkowski (and denim ones like J.Lo).