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Who kno what’s happen, ginger. It time fall into fihe newseason. Ma peoplere treat T’s jaar they’re making new C to get in shape. And fitness expert and author, Dr. Ian S is here best mos. Peopo kick off the season. How nple kick off the season whatt? Three eas exerses. The kettles. Betwn eight to ten. Pauks face down. Sqt. Come up. Key is make sure you don’t go Abe the oulders. Work the core. Lves. Your glutes. Yo upperbody. I fallworkout.ou burn calories. Over here,ur a twists. Keep your feet off thed. Have a medicine ball betweenve or ten pounds. Go left T right, lefto right. Ven. The key is to you torso cented. You en your core. Very gooout. Do it anywhere and on theroad. Awhere on th. You don’t need a ball.b . Ye these are resisnce bands. Cow can Tak T with you when one foot on the band. The other foot is ck the he I off. Sqt into a lunge. En you ce up, do a curl. You’ng the resistance in and . Youtravel. You can take than with Y an continuehe workout on the road. Theay to STA on these th I vary the workout.ry the out out and you’ll be able to maktor a long Make it happen long time. You have to stick with it sti with their workout? Apt. Ople tend do it your schede this is my time took out. Keep doing it. They’re tting tired he. We’re galk rl slow. Kehem G. You have written eightew times books O workouts and health. Now you’re venring a N realm. “The ant nine It’s B on Harvard’s elite societthey’retarted in the 17 0s. The WHE been members. Thisk is AUT mystery that ss in1927 young S is trying figure out whohe aient nine is and all the secrets that a buried in the mansion. Okay. Ll tell yothis. You’ member? I’m a member. Matt Mon. Well, it’s not a secret anymore! I have a feeling Y justot Ed out. No,no. The are a L of memrs in there. A lotrets. The ror is that a loft students hgo have disappeared tr to break into E mansions aroundarvard sqre. Isook is about the ancient nine and two of H mos hist Okay, doc. Diet book. Exercise book. Now a l.eck out “The an gent eruraudience. If you’re in ouraudi, we’ll save you the troublev goem goi home with a co of”the ancient nine.” Coming up,

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