Casual Outfits to Wear When You’re Bored of Your Jeans

If my jeans were able to rack up frequent-flyer miles every time I wore them, I’d be traveling for free a lot. You see, I wear jeans all the time—to the office (no dress code over here!), on the weekend, and to practically every dinner-and-drinks night out. So much so that I’ve currently come down with a minor case of jean fatigue. Yes, it’s a real sartorial illness! And to prevent it from getting any worse, the only remedy is to take a mini break from my jeans and mix up my outfits with some non-denim alternatives. Luckily, there are plenty of easy pieces that look just as casually effortless and will undoubtedly add a much-needed breath of fresh air into my closet.

To get inspired, I turned to some of our favorite fashion muses for some truly excellent casual outfits to wear that don’t involve denim. So if you too find yourself occasionally bored of wearing jeans, get excited by some of the alternatives below.