Carrie Bradshaw’s Favorite Heels Are Best Sellers in 2018

When you think of Carrie Bradshaw, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Manolo Blahniks, right? For those of you who didn’t get the correlation between Bradshaw and shoes, well, we’ll chat later. But for the majority, you’re well aware of the famous footwear brand made famous by the Sex and the City character, who helped cement it as an It shoe brand of our generation.

Of course, over the years since SATC debuted in 1998, other designer shoe brands have grown in popularity as well, but with the whole ’90s resurgence thing going on right now, Manolos have actually cruised through to the top as the number one shoe brand to buy currently—at the resale level, at least. That’s right. We chatted with the experts behind luxury consignment shop The RealReal to spill on which shoe brand is a best seller right now.

“With the recent nostalgia for classic ’90s designers and styles, Manolo Blahnik saw a resurgence in popularity this past year. When it comes to a classic pump, our number one designer historically, Christian Louboutin, was unseated by Manolo for the top spot this past year,” explained The RealReal’s chief merchant, Rati Levesque. “We saw a 6% increase in resale value for Manolo pumps year over year: The BB pumps are the most in demand, selling 1.6 times faster than the average shoe on the site, and Manolo mules have been growing steadily in popularity over the most recent months.”

Honestly, not that surprising. There’s a reason Carrie coveted Manolos, with their sleek, timeless, and always forward nature. Are you a fan too? Well, if you’re looking to get in on that nostalgia action, keep scrolling to shop some of the best Manolo Blahniks on The RealReal, along with some visual inspiration from fashion people wearing the iconic shoes. But you’d better act quick, because they’re clearly going fast right now.