Carmela from The Sopranos Has Such 2018 Style

The head-to-toe animal print, the pastel shades, the skinny-rib knits, the gold jewelry… Is it really any wonder that myself and Who What Wear UK’s social media editor, Isabel Mundigo-Moore, started thinking about Carmela Soprano’s costumes and their relevance in 2018? A few weeks back our conversation/obsession started: We were both in agreement that the flashy ensembles of the long-suffering mafia boss’s wife were underrated and looked down upon at the time, but that now—just under two decades later (WOW, I feel old typing that)—her choices couldn’t be more suited to what’s trending on Instagram.

I recently invested in a three-piece ocelot-print vintage Cavalli creation from Vestiaire Collective and I wanted to wear it with a chain belt. The resulting look could have been quite literally swiped from one of the early-noughties seasons of The Sopranos. If I had blonde hair and a husband who likes to wear his dressing gown open and to huff and puff his way up flights of stairs, people might get confused and stop me in the street.