Cargo Pants: The “Ugly” Trend Everyone Will Wear in 2019

There’s a new “ugly” trend looming and, dare we say it, the style just might replace the jeans in your closet (at least temporarily). Ready or not, cargo pants are officially a trend, and we have the intel that they’re only going to get more popular over the next six months. Up until now, the fashion crowd was pretty divided on the trend, with some embracing it at full force and others resisting the practical pants at all costs.

We know, their voluminous shape and conspicuously placed pockets hardly make them a subtle pick, but according to a recent Edited report, the pants are up by a whopping 266% in just the last two months. Essentially, they’re poised to be huge not just for fall but well into next spring, too, so if you were considering adding a pair into the mix, this is a clear sign: Shop them now.

Ahead, get inspired by our favorite street style moments and then shop the styles we love most—whether you’re game for something statement-making or looking for a more streamlined pair.