Cargo Pants Are the Fall Trend That Will Be Everywhere

Even if you don’t actually know me well, there’s a good chance you know how much I love jeans. Perhaps you’ve read one of my many stories about them, seen how much I post photos in them, or have noticed how often I wear them IRL. Whatever the case may be, it’s pretty clear I’m a denim girl through and through. So what has me willing to (temporarily) put my beloved non-stretchy pants aside? Cargos. The utility-inspired trousers are all over my feed, on my mind, and actually in my closet. Since buying this pair (which you can also shop below), I’ve only been itching to add even more to my wardrobe.

So why the obsession? Well, cargo pants are comfortable (which is a big factor in my daily dressing), they are as easy to style as jeans (aka look good with basics), and they offer a similar cool-girl ease and casualness while still looking flattering and polished if you so choose. Combine those things with the fact that all things utility are trending at the moment and, naturally, I’m sold. So are a handful of other fashion girls, it seems. To see how style setters are wearing cargo and utility-inspirited pants at fashion week and on Instagram and to shop them for yourself, just keep scrolling.