Caregivers Have Witnessed the Coronavirus’s Pain. How Will They Vote?

Over all, he thinks the reaction to the virus was “overkill,” but he also thinks Mr. Trump was wrong to suggest it was “nothing to worry about.”

”He did a terrible job,” Mr. Lohoefer said of Mr. Trump’s handling of the pandemic. “But everybody did a terrible job.”

As the virus spread across her facility, Ms. Frazier, the caretaker who witnessed dozens of deaths, said she would see Mr. Trump on television without a mask and grow frustrated. And although she has voted for Republicans and had been a fan of Mr. Trump’s when he was on reality television, she began to blame his cavalier response for her worsening situation at work.

Americans, she came to believe, would not act until the virus affected them personally.

“If we want to make America great again, then we need to change the political face of our country,” she said, noting that she has made a point of discussing her view of Mr. Trump with Republican friends. Ms. Frazier said she would vote for Mr. Biden somewhat begrudgingly, mostly as a vote against Mr. Trump.

“I can’t even tell this story without having a tear coming down my face,” she added. “How can you, as the leader of our country, stand in front of our thousands and not show emotion?”

Ms. Frazier began to cry as she recalled her final moments in April with a resident with whom she had built a rapport over several years.

During better times, the woman assumed the role of floor matriarch. She was “sassy,” and would tell you “exactly what she felt,” Ms. Frazier said. Sometimes, when she had a spare moment during her shift, Ms. Frazier would pop by and say “Hey, beautiful!” — and the woman would beam.