Capturing How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Honored in Washington

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a final trip to the Supreme Court on Wednesday. The justice, who died on Friday at 87, was honored with a private ceremony in the court’s Great Hall and was then taken outdoors to the top of the building’s marble steps, where she will lie in repose on Wednesday and Thursday.

People lined up outside the Supreme Court, past the Capitol and toward the Library of Congress, to pay respects to Justice Ginsburg, who became a liberal icon and champion for equal rights.

Family, friends and members of the court remembered Justice Ginsburg during an intimate ceremony inside the Great Hall.

“It has been said that Ruth wanted to be an opera virtuoso but became a rock star instead,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said.

Former clerks to Justice Ginsburg served as honorary pallbearers as her coffin was carried up the steps. Over her 27 years on the court, she hired more than 100 clerks.

Journalists were the first to arrive, before dawn, followed by a growing line of visitors. Each mourner had his or her own story for why he or she felt compelled to come in person and wait for hours to say goodbye, in the middle of a pandemic.