Can You Spot These Affordable Celebrity-Approved Pieces?

We enjoy playing a game when it comes to celeb style: We see an outfit on Instagram or in a paparazzi photo and take a guess—high or low?—before clicking around for the details of the outfit. Frankly, in most cases our “high” guesses are always spot-on, even when it’s merely an unassuming jeans-and-T-shirt outfit. However, occasionally we get it wrong: Something we assume a piece costs the same as a luxury item when it’s actually fast fashion. That’s what we’re focusing on below.

Because we enjoy this guessing game, we created our own little quiz to see if you can tell which pieces in a celebrity outfit are the affordable finds and, in the case of all eight outfits below, can easily be replicated with a trip to the mall. Keep in mind, some of these celeb-approved purchases have sold out—as is the effect of any high-profile endorsement—but we’ve rounded up similar products below that look just as impressive. Keep scrolling to play along.