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Lara, you were talking about fitness.napercise.weanother new hot fitness trend about being cold. Exerci studios lowering the thermostat W you sweat and apparently this could burn more calories, Eva Pim. U’ve got all the answers. Oh,e all are looking for a littom to cht. If you don’t like to sweat, this is the workor you but don’t mistake lack of sweat for meg it’ easy. Plus, working O in the cold just may giv you a little secret edge. Move ov hot yoga. Here’s tew way to keep cool this summer. Cold works, practiced in studios chilledos low as 45 degrees. That is a giant walk-in refrigeratehind me. Orter: At E aptly named brrrn theyank out in a large fridge choosing yoga, sl board or battle S. Beat the drum rig here. Reporter: Experts say it’s not merely a marketing gimmick, the cold may actually help you burn more fatnd calories. It’s hard. It’s harder thant looks. My arms already hurt. Reporter: Yes. Your bodys trying to heat itsep to combat the cold. Also the rate of perceived exertion how hard exercise S is actually lower in colder environment that isn a hotter environment. When take out the weher elms and harness the power cold it’s a beautiful thing and fee great. 40 to 64-deg rank is where you can Sor of actualize the benefits ofooler temperatures. Reporter: But there are som das if it’s too cold. If you have cold muscles a cold ligam and tendons and try to do sething intense you have a increased chance of Ju Reporter: For those of you love a hot class,ll, I may be time to lower the ermostat. Ha you’re doing is incrng yourxternale temperature and also iasing your heart rate so although it feels harder, you’re not actually burning more energy and burning more calories. Or what you’re ly do experts are sg I increasing youhance of major water loss. Dehydrate your body you run the risk of sere deion and other heat-borne illnesses. You don’t have to go to a gym for a cold work justnkp your ac. So it’s not quite as simple as tug down the thermostat to cold. There is some science betw how coal how hard you’re working out. You need to do a little research. I like the idea of jus turning down the temperature and burning Moret. The burning more fat for doing the same thing is aat thing to me Good mor, I am

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