Can Artificial Intelligence Keep Your Home Secure?

Mr. Silva said any security plan started with the basics — good locks, strong doors, an alarm system — and could be expanded to full perimeter screening with either monitoring enhanced with artificial intelligence or more traditional motion detectors and alarms. Celebrities and other well-known people may want to build a safe room in their homes, he said, or have their own command centers.

“Before you start prescribing medicine, you need to diagnose the condition,” Mr. Silva said. “A risk assessment is really crucial.”

Christopher Falkenberg, a former Secret Service agent and the president of Insite Risk Management, said that with threats being made so easily over social media, he needed to help clients control their personal information and who had access to it.

He said his firm used existing technology and had created some of its own programs to track what was being said about clients online.

“We used to be concerned with a small circle of people with information about you — the gardeners, the people who were on the property,” Mr. Falkenberg said. “We can’t vet all the people online the way we used to vet the gardener. We have to talk to clients about controlling the information that they personally put out there.”

At a minimum, what any security program hopes to do is make a home less attractive to criminals.

“We’ll never reduce the crime rate in East Hampton or Greenwich,” Mr. Falkenberg said. But, he added, “if we can make it that much more difficult to target our people, we’ll have achieved our goal.”

A few months ago, Mr. Manganiello and Ms. Vergara’s home was targeted again. But this time, their new system from Edgeworth with geofencing technology and A.I.-enabled cameras detected three men before they could get close to the house.

“As they were trying to figure out where to come in, the command center was guiding the police to our house,” Mr. Manganiello said. “They were able to apprehend them and their getaway driver before they could even touch the house.”