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Transcript for California may tax texting

In today’s tech bikes OMG attacks on Texan. California regulators may impose a fee for texting to help fight global fund for the pour the the FCC has just ruled that texting is not something seats can regulate. But supporters of the tax plan to push ahead with the feet. Angle look out of the country’s top searches of the year the most searched terms with World Cup the top movie getting the most interest on Google of course black panther. And one of the most searched how to questions how to played Mega Millions for easy. The breaking up with your phone might earn you big bucks vitamin water will select one person to try to go twelve months without using a Smartphone if you do what you get a 100000 dollars. Doesn’t cut contest Botha picture on social media and told Biden water like you’re a good choice. It appeared that if your good tourism a bad choice you and me to. Those are checked by.

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{“id”:59797800,”title”:”California may tax texting”,”duration”:”0:52″,”description”:”Plus, Google reveals its most-searched list, and Vitamin Water will reward you if you can give up your smartphone for a year.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/california-tax-texting-59797800″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}