Bustie: The Naked Instagram Pose Trend

Instagram’s coolest have found an easy solution to posing alone: a “Bustie.” Blame it on the heat wave or having exhausted this list of poses, but the latest Instagram trend is to pose with or in front of a statue or bust. The Bustie (bust + bestie, coined by us) pose has raged on all summer long, ranging anywhere from antiques at vintage markets to ancient Greek statues in lush gardens.

Random an Instagram trend as ever—see also Barbie Feet, the Victoria Beckham and the Bambi pose—there is something incredibly smart about this. This trick provides you with emotional and psychical marble support so you don’t have to awkwardly pose alone, but you remain the star of your ‘gram because technically there is no one else trying to steal the limelight. Think of a Bustie as a wise, old and naked friend who won’t make a fuss about having the same “good side” as you. In fact, they’re so passive that you look positively in charge of your own feed and your own destiny. Oh, and it’s, like, totally super-cultural. This is how our favorite Instagram stars have done the pose.