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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. A mammogram can help detect it early when it’s easier to treat. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, each October, is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection.

So, I think we’re all aware that breast cancer exists. And I think every woman is aware that she has some degree of risk but really, this month, we need to stop and think do we know about our own risk and exactly what it is for each individual person. Have you had that conversation with your physician, how to tailor your risk for appropriate screening and to make sure that you are doing all you need to do for your breast health? This month is very pink and sometimes we even call it pink watch and it’s a very feel good thing but really breast cancer isn’t always a feel-good thing.

Do you know someone who’s on chemotherapy? Maybe you can stop by and bring din-ner. Maybe you can be there to support a woman as she goes through a dramatic change in her physical appearance. It’s really show up and offer to help. Don’t say call me if you need me. Because trust me, the patients not going to call. When a woman needs help, who do we turn to. We usually turn inwardly and help with ourselves. Very few women actually ask for the help that they need so don’t be afraid to offer that hand. You’re not being pushy, you’re being helpful.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to educate people in preventa-tive measures as well as encouraging them to seek treatment if they have any symp-toms. I encourage all women to make sure that they are doing their monthly breast ex-ams, seeking their breast exams through their physicians as well as mammograms. Prevention is critical to identifying early stages of the disease. Nobody wants to be noti-fied that they are in the later stage of the disease when it could have been prevented earlier. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, OptumCare® Cancer Care is standing beside survivors with a donation to the American Cancer Society.