Brazilian Wax Guide: What to Know Before Your First Session

As expected, a Brazilian wax can be uncomfortable for first-timers, however, it only gets better from there. Petak says that since the hair gets removed from the root, it ends up growing out softer and finer, so it ultimately becomes less painful as you begin to get waxed regularly. You can also minimize the pain in a couple of different ways. Try taking ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment or scheduling it for a few days after your period if you can, since the skin tends to be more sensitive when you’re close to menstruating. 

You can also inquire about the type of wax being used. Most likely it will be hard wax, as it’s better for the bikini area since it’s thicker and hardens on top of the skin, as opposed to soft wax, which adheres to the skin along with the hair.