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DIY. Dozens of medical waste, needles and syrs washed ashore. Police ar investigating how all of mess got there. Eyewitness news reportereen Dhaliwal live. Reporter: Officials say T found more than three of those syringes and needles on the beaches in the past twos forcthem to close all the beaches that they run W here at lido bea, already posted prohibiting cars entering the parking lot. We with a few suffers earlier saying — surfers earlier saying they wereed to L the beach. A lifeguardnd the needles two days ago. Ofcials did a sweep on the shore and found more needles and syringes. While the concern that someone may step on them forced them to cle east atlantic beach and then again me needles showed up here and this place CD. We were going to surf today Bute WER told by the officials to evacue the beach because of medical waste. Nobody should that probleand it’s nice that they’re aware that it’sut there. Reporter: Nassau county police working wit other law enforcement toigure out where this waste is coming from. They’ll hold a press conference at 10:00 today. We wl bring you more information as soon we get it. I’m naveen Dhaliwal channel 7, eyewiess news. For test development on this story, head to our website, Rescuers Wil connue their search for a father and son who appeared in river in Orange county. The man jumped in to save his eight-year-old son WHE he went into the water. This was yesterday. They were both swept downstream. Rers called off theearch for the nigh due to weather The final good-by begins today the family of a UND dead in the east river. A will be held for seven month old mason dana. The infant’s body found by ISTs near E Brooklyn bridge on august. The babyather, James currie was arrested in connection to the baby’s death aer thatan fled to Thailand but extradited back here to the U.S. Mas’s funeral will take place tomorrow. A man dd after he was struck by lightning. This happen in longsland. He was at sunken meadow S park. That was befe 7:00 lastght. Officials say he was 32 years old. He had been staing under a tree next to a boardlk. Two people in critical condition this morning aft they were overcome by carbon monoxide at a New Jersey seafood market. Thewo employees north plainfield we found unconscious inside that store yesterda officials say theyt?? D passed out due to carbon monoxide poisoningt authorities say they also burned by se type of Arriving here were two criticalients. Trying to separate them, get them to the hospital. That was our bigger concern. As well as evacuating the rest of theew structure, sure nobody else F ill. That seafood market under renovation. Other neighborhood businesses had to evacuate B willeturn this morning. Th cause of the leak is under investigation. Isending its decision to arrest a mans he drove his pregnant to the hospital to give birth. His wife is pleading for her husbs return. Marcia Gonzalez hasa??ana. The detail onagujero todav??a what I.C.E. Officials are saying why they targeted this man. Reporter: Overnight imgration explaining this surveillance videos sho SUVs this vehicle. Inside on their way to a southern California hospital to deliver their baby. Arrona Lara illegally from Mexico taken intcustody. When I asked W a you taking him somebody reported us. Reporter: I.C.E. Offis defending their arrest say he was brought to their detention due to an outstanding warrant O homicide charges. The family’s attorney denies the allegations We bieve H has criminal history whatsoever. Reporter: It says that arrona Lara I charged with being in theicid country without cuments. Arrona Lara’s team sang they were underred I their determination to gim released on bond to beciones with his wife and the Newes member of THR family. The attorney tells me they plan toequipo de Lara de arro have him released O Monday as I.C.E. Moves forward T have him deported. Coming U next on eyewitness news, shock and awe, police camera aftolice intentionally crasheto a boy to have him is to be. There is N a pole investigation into this video showing men dividing marijuana Ona de back of an NYPD patrol C Amy. It’sooler this morning than it has been E last couple days. So we’ll go from the upper 60s to low 70s to maybe 75 for the highs today. But what remns is the threat of Showe, a little risk for to close out the wee. I’ll tell you T it’s 9:09. Welcome ck. A security camera caught this in Texas, a woman walking into a gas station STE in Houston, she had $75,000 ine Chevyoe her purse when a man up and ind-sided her and tried to th purse. The woman and R husba, they own that store, he ran outside and Stred with the robber. At’s when another suspect pulled up in a car and hit the woman. The robbers escaped briefly before one of them W caught by police. The other man is still on the loose and unfortunately that woman was critically hurt. Police Newark is searching for a M who stole body camera. Friday the snatched thcamera off the officer’s vest and then he ran off. T Sacramento police department under fir yet again ter video shows an officer tting a teenage suspect his patr car. Theen I going to be but we want to warn you the video is to watch. Olice say the 16-year-old was stopped by police back on July 22ndecause he didn’t have a light O hycle. The teen then took off on that’s when a chase ensued andde 1 a second C going almost 30es an hour veered to the striking the tee the police department claims officer lost of his vehicle whilettempting to pull the teen over. They sayt’s not the way they train their officers, B this is the way the officers are conducting themselves and this the the officers hav been cducting themsels for a long time. After T crash the teen was seen there LG on the ground apologizing while at the same time being handcuffed. Teen diduffer minor injs but was issued a citation resisting Arre once he W released from the hpital. The Sacramento police is already under for the fatal ooting of an unarmed black man in his grandmother backyard back in This is an unbelieva video brazen drug deal the back of NYPD cruiser. A man measuring out what loo like marijuana on a scale. That is sig on the back of a patrol car. It’s not clear who these people in this video but the NYPD tells eyewitness news it is aware of and itun is looking into it. Once again I W going to say you’re already a little high if you decidto divvy up your pin the back of a pol car. You already enjoyed your day dog THA And there’s video. Coming upt eyewis news added featu that you may or may not like, Netflix, the streaming services experimenting commercials. What they have to say about the promoons airing between episodes and movies. And hundreds of people were feeling blue for a while at MetLife stadium. It wasn’t . New this morning, the back street boysced to cancel their concert in oklahomst night after severe weather injured more than a dozen F who were wing outside. Ofals began evacuating the outtore stage at the wind star casino. However thereere 150 fans waiting online outside so they did hear E information about the weher. 14 peopl went to the hospital. The good news is that everyone is expected to be oka It’s lik mother nature has something against music over inur a mother ne put a damper on last night’s Kenny Chesney’s MetLife stadium. Ryan field was so in the crowd when everybody urged to take shelter. They re waiting out a srm. They waited out two H, rain delay. Chesney went back stage and roc the house. Rly thisth if you M remember, the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert was O hold. What’s with the mus I think peopleting excited about theusic. You think they did a rain E. They do it for safety. They do it for safety. It’s a precauon. Ana lot of T times artist are to how that affectshe crowd, so they wait it out with the crowd and make great show. And heard it was a phenonal finish. Kenny N. ‘M shocked that you weren’t there. U’re a big Kenny fan right? I surrenderemy ticket to other people. Really? I did. It wasn’t meant to be. I haother thing happening. Aryou going to get into my business now I’m all up into your cool aid. Good happy Sunday morning to you. Outside we have bit of an umbrella padre on the west side. People dodging showers and trying to get away from the rn. Looking out over the empir state building can see her we have reduced visibility. Can’t see so much. One world trade obscured bythe clouds. We have the readings coming out at central park atdegrees. Pressure is on the rise. We’re going to look for a cooler, less humidity still socked in with overcast nditions. Central New Jersey, temperatures I the upper 60s anthe same for long nd. What will happen today is that the cloud coverage will keep our tempatures cooler. We’ll just be in the mid 70s for daytime high also the instability in their on that frontind of transition shat we can recover for the wktdznd Drye — weekds dryer skies. We also have been dodging showers on Staten Island almorning long fm sandy across the bay. Rock W point all the way into Long Beach. We have showers. So even a bored walk here, you’re — boardlk here you’re going to have to dodghe rain. Especially after 6:00 P., Long Island holds the longest. The humiditys also a lot more bearable than it’s been the last couple of days. A sant start the workweek, so tomorrow the sunshine does rern, but on the Futurecast you can seeight here we’re sockn with the cloud covers. His or Ms showers around all day Toda tomorrow morning we’ll start with it will be a beautiful start to the workweek. Finally the sun is back. We’ll get cool temperatures with mid 70s today and goi into the upper 70s tomorrow. The uvort is at a 7. So make sure ye aware of even if going to the beach and you think you’rng to be exposed, setimes it’s tricky you think wit the clouds you’re not getting a 76 a tomorr 77 Tuesday. Wednesdathe warmest day of the week. This is rain all type of storm there. On wednesdayt’s a severe storm that could pop up at any T it’s also muggy and humid. Thursday, ifrcol the and Sunday — Friday and Saturday tratures are in the low 80s. M not saying it’s trtion week, I just saying is a type ofeather pattern. And W wait for them to come up. I just know we getting that time of year WHE the E of summer is in sight.digo s??lo Don’t wish it away. Back to school shopping. H, lord. Thank you, Amy. They say tking politics over dinner used to be forbidden. Here a pew of this week’s episode of more in common. It’s a new show by abc’saq localish brand. Make America again a dinner series where it people of different perspectives together over din to B to D an understanding. I gue this is a reaction in some ways to the kind of polirization. It’s just let’s make dinner and let’s tk. Peo from both sides of the aisle talk. Dinrs like this helped me train my brain INT how do we discuss T topics without having these convertions end in tragedy. I suspect everybody participated in this discun ending on a different view of people I thk that’s valuable. People willing to step O ont that ledge. It’s us. We can solve this problem and bring ourselves together well, you want to discuss politics these days, you better bring some lique. Hold the salad pass the ja you can watch allore in common on FACEBK watch. Be sure to likebc’s localh page Facebook. A lot going on these day Still ahead on eyewitness news, the mets cg out on top last nightnd the Yanke are trying to do their best Toake ??? We’ve been buildinis… For the la 50 years.

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