Bloomers Are the “Ugly” Underwear Trend That’s Everywhere Rn

2020 has sure thrown us some curveballs. While there were plenty of trends we fully expected to happen this year, we still find ourselves surprised by a few newcomers that have seemingly arrived out of the blue. With everyone prioritizing loungewear these days, the latest trend to hit the scene is one that’s comfortable, easy and a little unexpected: bloomers. Yep, bloomers are the new underwear trend that’s gaining steam and they’re you’re about to understand why.

Historically, bloomers were long shorts to wear underneath skirts and dresses but the modern-day iterations translate to charming ruffled lounge shorts and shirred underwear—less literal bloomers, more bloomer vibes. Get the gist? To see what I mean, I’m sharing a multitude of outfit photos and even some recent runway evidence that showcase how bloomers are evolving into a loungewear and lingerie item that actually makes sense for 2020.