Bill Maher Zings Eric And Donald Trump Jr. As He Comes Out Fighting For Teachers

Bill Maher came out fighting for beleaguered school teachers on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” and he also managed to mock President Donald Trump’s two eldest sons in the process.

The comedian acknowledged that he wasn’t the biggest fan of children, and joked that him “sticking up for kids” was like Vice President “Mike Pence fighting for gay adoption.”

But children are “the future,” said Maher, who then broke down why educators in various states are currently protesting for increased public school funding.

“There is a revolt brewing in the teachers’ lounge these days in schools all across this country, and it’s long overdue,” said Maher. “Teachers are tired of being told of what (former GOP vice presidential candidate) Sarah Palin once said of a teacher, that ‘her reward is in Heaven.’ Maybe, but the rent is due here on Earth.”

Maher proposed that instead of giving teachers guns, they should receive a living wage and said that “as much as I can’t stand to be around them, I would rather American children be well educated, productive, contributing citizens.”

“As opposed to what they otherwise might become, useless burdens on society,” he added, as a photograph of Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. flashed up on the screen.

Check out the full clip above.