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We are with that mierecovery. White sox pitch eve lucky to be alive after that B aysm in the dugout talkibout it for the first time with our Paula Faris who S down him and his wife H know he’s a blessed Youngman. He is lucky and blessed. One or told him to never buy a lottery ticket again because he can’t win twice. Nny Farquhar is lucky to be ale. Today he’ll take another step S remarkable and mulous recovery. This terrifying moment Happe just six weeks ago after throwing 15ches against the Houston Astros, white sox pitc Danny Farquhar suddenly collapsed in the dugout suffering a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm. You don’t remember a thing. Not a thing. Reporter: He doesn’t even it. I came into the dugout and immediately to the NER, told him I had heads a passed out andhen I immediately started vomi. Reporter: The next thing he rembers he’s waking up five days later in the hosp. But for his wife , the mother of his T children, the Ms are still fresh. You have everyone kind of looking you like this mig be a 30-yeld widow. It was heartbreg. It felt like a baddream. Reporter: An an happens when the W balloons outwar an estimated 6 million people in the United States have a brain aneu. 30,000 of which actually experience a rip turvery year which can be deadly. Danny underwent mule surgeries. This I scar fro opening up T skull. Ite a few doctors called me miracle and how lucky to be as functional as I am. Reporter: It’s not lost on him in his worst pose moment, he was in the best possible E. WHA would have hned H it happened somewhere else Luckily it HAPD a I pitched in a ballame where I have the whole staff H you know could have happened doors. As long as I was here with the staff that I have, it was — it was the perfect place to have it. So is like Normal. Reporter: Today H takes one more step in his return to ba. Throwing the ceremonial first pitch before the W sox game. It’s going to be a lob forcing fastball. Hopefully the one I can throw over the plate where I just want to hit themitt I want to beewhere close T the Mitt. I think you C HOL the baby so you can have an se. That’s a great idea. R good play. He two of them are so in love, by the way. I loheir love Ory. Will he ever play baseball again? He T M he has been cleared by his doctors to start throwing. His surgery was on lefte of his brain. He’s a right-handed pitcher. The left con the GHT. He won’t know if he can H his spots until he starts throwg so until he starts thrown he won’t know about his future in baseball but no warning signs. He doesn’t exhhe worst headache of all time. Pupils WER dilated. Nothing before it end. Good news ise does have a future. At attitude. Really great school sweethearts. Really G kids. Rooting for em. The 14-year-oldho got a second chance now waking up a

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