Back-to-School Shopping at Target | Who What Wear

We may be full-grown adults, but we still get super nostalgic every August as we reminisce about back-to-school shopping. Because while we have no personal need for college-ruled notebooks, construction paper, or fancy graphing calculators (thank goodness, tbh), we still like to use this time to stock up on new-season goods for ourselves and our homes.

Just ask renovator and designer Patti Wagner… “When I became a mom, my wardrobe and style took a backseat, but I’ve learned how important it is for each of us, no matter what stage we’re in, to take time for ourselves,” she shares. (We’re just going to take that as encouragement to do a little shopping for glasses for us (and our family) at Target Optical.)

Whether you need to update your closet, treat yourself to a facial, finally get that eye exam you’ve been putting off, or get in on a new-season accessory trend (hello, stylish glasses), Wagner and fellow expert Kari Jensen—founder of Living Life’s Moments—have a few shopping suggestions for you.