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Ay, thankyou, Jon. Also hearing for the first te from swetnick. Mil avenatti client. Jubretvard acser speaking to John ilemann O showti. Brett Kavanaugh is going for a seathere hs going to have that seat on treme court fohe rest O his life. D IFS goi have that seat legite of these gs shod B investigated because from wt I experienced first hand I don’t think H belongs on supreme court. Micvenattioins us we heard Y client say she ced things fithand. Did Mr. Kavanaugh sually assault . Swetni or ph physically harm her in anyway. Again, I’ve answered this repeated O last 24 hours and I’llwer it again. There isvidence suggesting to her Thate was pt of theang rape that occurred that is deiled in paragraph 13. There is otherdence tt sue wasn’t. It was a very diffilt men — she wasdrugd. Finish. Wasdrugged.sat she didn’t know exactly what was ppening the th details will be shared with F agents or undath be the commtee. She will share that evidence and that rmation.but let’s assume for the sake of argument tt U delete that paragraph 13hich we would not but let’s assume we did of E duct also equally troubling and makes Thi man led to on the U.S. Supreme cou abovell else, there should be an a inveigation, George, why’t the fbiin You say you could delete T paragrap 13.she also S in tharview things Shelly experienced. If they were so serious wot go to E police and authorities earlier? Well, sameea that many sexual abuse oex victims don G to the pocen occurrence. I believhat Jon klsked at question yesterday of the id I mean, this isunusua but the E here is, is that the esident and Brett Kavanaugh and hisrt F some reason, they now want has offered to tick a lygraphxam if Brett Kavanaugh does. Brett naugh refuses. My clien hasered to test in fro then committee. Evidently the Republicans D wa to hear from her. Demanded mark judg be subpod to testify. Th won’t Suben this is a search for the uth, GE, and client is telling the truth inyxperience wometh making false cusationson’t ask to sit do with the I. So, S, client wants to come forwand testify publ would sako the FBI. Withhee judiciar committee majorityaying they firstant to with overhe phoneake any evid she has. Y not do Well,or the same reason th dd didn’t do it. Because this a sham, what they’re Ying to ll is is a sm investigation. It’s no stigationt th want to Geter on the phone and try torame her aners so THA theyan T you and oers that somehow T DI inveign. That’s ridiculous. Hy we havehe FBI. The FBI is brought to instigate the most heinous crimes O U.S. Soil,9/, Timothy Mcveigh, the lt gs on Y E they hiding all of this evidenceromhe why won’t they allow to testify in ff the committee F thesegeorge cann blying. Lindsey graham and other members raising aeret of questions saying O Ms. Swetnick why continue to G toheseparty,en of them evera two-yearfter seeing expiencing behavioshe saw? First of all,ge she W awarha there was something onn these bacbedroo in the back R basn’t exactly of what U after E assaued she questions of other peoplebout ad been going on in the R and corroborated and there’s numeusitnesseshat observed it. Ag this is CSI with Dr. Ford’s ement, which we St learned of last night. Theticularsf tt statement, is consist wit other women that have come forwd “The new Yo and otherwise and of these women ca B lyin it doe a they didn’t all sit down in M at staucsomewherend hatch this grand plan. Theye not all G. It’s Ible. Hael aventifo yois morning hankyou. Onthhile myruce

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