Army to Investigate Chain of Command’s Actions at Fort Hood After Killing

The repercussions are starting to mount, albeit slowly. Last month, The Associated Press reported that Army leaders delayed the planned transfer of the Fort Hood commander, Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt, pending an investigation into the case. On Tuesday, Army officials said General Efflandt’s transfer was canceled. He was scheduled to go to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, to take over the First Armored Division. The Army said he would stay at Fort Hood as leaders considered whether there were systemic problems at the base that he ignored.

“With Maj. Gen. Efflandt remaining at Fort Hood, the Army will announce the name of a new commander of the First Armored Division, which Efflandt had previously been designated to lead,” the service said. Given that command of a division is viewed as an important step in an Army general’s career advancement, General Efflandt’s loss of the division could hamper his future prospects, Army officials said.

During his visit to the base last month, Mr. McCarthy spoke with troops — both men and women — and community leaders. The soldiers talked about their experiences with sexual harassment and spoke of their fears after Specialist Guillen’s killing.

“We need to be an institution that not only runs toward the sound of gunfire, but who runs to the side of a teammate who is being sexually harassed or assaulted,” Mr. McCarthy said at the time. Speaking to reporters at Fort Hood, he said the Army needed to “better understand why this is happening at this installation.”

“The numbers are high here,” he said.

In separate interviews with The New York Times, several female soldiers said they worried that officers at Fort Hood had not moved swiftly to crack down on men and women who they say have preyed on those they believe to be weaker. The women spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly by the Army.

And there have been other episodes at the base. In July, the body of another Fort Hood soldier, Private Mejhor Morta, was found at a nearby reservoir. In June, officials discovered the remains of another missing soldier, Gregory Morales, about 10 miles from the lake.

Soldiers from Fort Hood have been at the forefront of fighting in Iraq, in particular, for almost two decades. Army officials said they wanted to know if the heavy rotational deployments may be playing a role in the issues at the base.