Ariel Kaye of Parachute Shares Her Best Style Advice

No successful entrepreneur has gotten to where they’re at without a few bumps in the road. In fact, Ariel is quick to remind us that it’s more likely you aren’t going to get it right the first time you start a business, so failure is an accepted part of the process. She shared her biggest learning curve when launching Parachute with us: “within three months, we completely sold out of everything, which felt like a huge mistake. Many people who ordered had to wait several months to receive their bedding. I thought we had failed our first customers, the people who had taken a shot on a new brand, and that there would be no way to recover.”

That didn’t stop Kaye though, who took the opportunity to connect with her customers in a really personal way. “I personally reached out to each back-ordered customer, explaining the circumstances and thanking them for their business and support,” she told us. “We quickly learned that honest and open communication is essential, and being able to listen to our customers’ feedback is one of our biggest advantages as a direct-to-consumer company.”